Welcome To Essex Chapter

Chapter News 2023

In May 2024, Essex Chapter will be marking 10 years of fellowship, resourcefulness and God’s blessings. As members of Mboho Mkparawa Ibibio, we have worked hard in unison, to develop our status as custodians of the overall ethos of Oneness in Service. We have promoted our cultural identity as Ibibio people and supported not causes both in Akwa Ibom and in the UK.

Next year, by God’s grace, you are invited to celebrate with us. We look forward to seeing you as we showcase our culture, and tell you about the activities of the organisation and our chapter.


4 MAY 2024

Are you of Ibibio heritage? Or are you a friend or organisation who has an

interest in the culture and traditions of the Ibibio? Do you want to taste our well renowned cuisine and meet a group of warm and friendly people? Mboho Mkparawa Ibibio, Essex Chapter welcomes you to join us at our monthly meetings.

We meet every 3rd Saturday of the month at:
Harold Wood Neighbourhood Centre
The Old School
Gubbins Lane
Harold Wood , Romford RM3 0QA.

Virtual attendance available – Email: info@mmiessex.org


After having served the constitutional four years as EXCO members, we were happy to welcome a new executive. The elections were smooth and successful in an atmosphere that not only showcases the discipline our members have, but also togetherness and common direction. We gave special thanks to Akparawa Anwan Stella Itieimoh, the Immediate Past Chair who, over the four years, showed her commitment to the Mboho Mkparawa Ibibio and her astute leadership skills.

The Executive is chaired by Akparawa Anwan Mary Umoh who has served the organisation in various capacities over the years.

The elections were conducted by the UK High Commissioner, Akparawa Anwan Grace Akpakpan, her Deputy, Akparawa Victor James, and the High Commission Secretary, Akparawa Anwan Aniefonama Jacob.