Essex Chapter Projects

This page gives you a brief snapshot of the various projects and collaborations we, as a chapter, embark on. We are always happy to send you more information and for more pictures and videos, do check out our gallery space. Thanks for dropping in.

September 2020 The pandemic has had a big effect on the global community but even more so for people around the world who have been marginalised, living in poverty and other unfavourable social , economic and political situations. We decided to do our own bit during this time by supporting an initiative back in Akwa Ibom State. We were able to raise funds from chapter members, to make a donation of palliatives to VVF Centre at the Family Life Hospital. Mbribit Itam, Uyo. Because of COVID19 restrictions, it was not possible for a member of the chapter to take the donation but we were represented by the International President and members of the EXCO. The donations included food items like rice and beans, toiletries and PPE / Sanitizing supplies. The Centre supports women who suffer and who need rehabilitation and re-integration from Vesico Vaginal Fistula / Recto vaginal Fistula.

March 2020 We were happy to receive an invitation from the Black Minority Ethnic Forum to take part in the 2020 Commonwealth day celebration in Havering. As new members of the forum, we were eager to make our mark, network with other members while showcasing our culture. March 2020 was the beginning of the global pandemic and only a few days later, we were in a national lockdown that was to last for months. In hindsight, this was to be the final show before we were all able to interact and be together again. Lockdown and self isolation saw to that. We performed two Ibibio cultural dances with a table top cultural exhibition in Romford Market square. It was such a wet day but the crowds were encouraging, the music was loud, igniting the passion for vivacious. waist twisting dance steps. The response to our performance was amazing.

October 2019 – The UK hosted the MMI International Convention this year and Essex Chapter collaborated with members from other chapters to stage a cultural performance. This was to be the beginning of a new scope for the chapter. We have designed and purchased two sets of dance costumes which we aim to use as part of our Ibibio cultural representation strategy.

Akpwn Lizzy Ekong and Edima wearing the Abang costumes at the Convention 2019

October 2019 – Our Black History Month exhibition culminated in a family fun day with storytelling, art and craft activities with the Da Ikit ( tortoise) Ibibio stories and fables as a theme. During the Ibibio Folk Stories and Art Event the participants were taught some cultural dance steps too, Akp Edet Okon, Akpwn Ekaette Archibong and Akpwn Stella Itieimoh led the events, supported by other members of the chapter.

October 2019 – Black History Month is a celebration of black culture, heritage and a month that spotlights the issues facing the black community. As our chapter has grown and as we continue to make our space in Havering, we felt this to be a perfect opportunity to showcase the beauty of the Ibibio culture and to introduce our chapter and organisation to the public, in the process. It was decided that we would curate an exhibition and run some family friendly Ibibio inspired workshops. We were very happy to gain the full support of Romford Library staff , where this event was held. The exhibition showcased functional and decorative items used traditionally from kitchen to adornment. The exhibition was curated by Akpwn Ekaette Archibong and showcased for a week. Other members volunteered to talk to interested visitors, answering questions and sharing our culture.

May 2019 – MMI Essex Chapter is based in Essex, UK and we meet in Havering Borough Council. As well as supporting our members and the Ibibio community at large, our aim is to contribute to the community where we live, to be identifiable partners in the strategic aims of the communities our members live in. With this in mind, we were looking at projects that would enable us to achieve this and decided to start by supporting the homeless through the Romford Christian Centre in Havering. We organised a visit to the project on a Saturday morning where we were able to talk to to the service users and find out more about their situation and their needs. Some members helped to serve the meals. The highlight of this project was the recognition we got from the local Councillor Judith who came to join us on the day and made a very encouraging speech. We were able to make a monetary donation from contributions from all chapter members. This was presented to Pastor Jimmy on the day.

December 2016 – Last year, two Essex Chapter members presented our first ever donation to the Mboho Unity School. During the visit, the representatives had been taken on a tour around the school, where they were able to identify other needs and support opportunities. As a chapter it was agreed that we would continue the good work we had started the year before and this time contribute to the nursery. Chapter member Akp Anthony Edem presented our donation of chairs, tables and play mats.

Donation of Nursery furniture , Mboho Unity School, 2016

December 2015 – Mboho Unity School, is based in Idu Uruan, Akwa Ibom State, and was set up by Mboho Mkparawa Ibibio to provide free and quality education to young people in the community. The aim was to be a catalyst for the empowerment of future leaders who will positively impact the community socially and economically. As a new chapter, our members decided to contribute stationary and books to the school. This was presented by our members Akp Imoh Itieimoh and Akpwan Stella Itieimoh supported by the International President of the organisation and some members of his EXCO.

Donation of Stationary and Books, Mboho Unity School 2015